Bob Bly, author of 90+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” shows you ….

The Secrets to Making Successful Presentations!

Many people hate public speaking. But doing it well is really rather simple.

And when you can stand up in front of a group and speak confidently and persuasively, the world is your oyster!

Dear Reader:

When it comes to making presentations, I was just plain lucky.

In my first job out of college in the late 1970s, my boss at Westinghouse was Terry C. Smith – or “TC” as his friends call him.

In addition to being the manager of marketing communications or “marcom” at Westinghouse, Terry was – and still is today – one of the best presenters I know.

And he is by far the best teacher of how to give presentations I have ever seen in action.

In his 40+-year career, TC has either given or helped create more than 3,300 business presentations!

Organizations that have sent employees, students, and members to his seminars include FMC Corporation, Control Data Corporation, Xetron, Department of Energy, IBM, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Saint Louis University, and dozens more.

Everyone in the marcom department when I was with Westinghouse was required to take the in-house presentations course Terry taught regularly at the plant.

It was my first training ever in the art of public speaking … and the best instruction in making successful presentations I ever had.

Since then, I have given hundreds of presentations over the decades to thousands of attendees all over the world – New York, London, Milan, Poland, Germany, France – you name it – for such organizations as the National Speakers Association, the U.S. Army, Arco Chemical, General Electric, and dozens more. I also taught communications classes at New York University School of Continuing Education as an adjunct professor.

Today my average fee for a one-hour talk is $5,500, and I have earned as much as $50,000 for a single weekend seminar.

I owe 97% of whatever success and skill I have in speaking mostly to TC, and to this day, though it’s been 37 years since he was my boss, we are still good friends.

Well, TC did a training session on how to give a great presentation for the American Society of Training and Development, which he recently sent me on DVD.

When I watched the video of his talk, I said, “My subscribers who want to be great speakers – in webinars, podcasts, conferences, seminars, workshops, whatever -- have got to see this.”

And so we’ve created a 3-part multimedia home study course -- Making Successful Presentations-- on how to become a polished speaker – and give presentations that get your message across in a clear, engaging way your audience will absolutely love and respond so.

Okay. Without further preamble, here’s what you get in your Making Successful Presentations course materials….

“10 Commandments of Making Successful Presentations” DVD Featuring Terry C. Smith

The core of the Making Successful Presentations program is Terry Smith’s amazing and inspiring DVD on the “10 Commandments” of being a great speaker.

In entertaining and lively lecture, TC presents a complete formula for researching, writing, designing, and delivering a kick-butt presentation on whatever topic you’ve been asked to speak on.

And he does it in one fast-paced, one-hour session … though I guarantee you’ll want to watch it again and again.

In fact, the incredible tips and content Terry teaches aside, you will learn a lot about being a better speaker just by watching him in action – because his talk is a model of how to give a content-rich presentation that entertains even as it teaches!

Says TC: “A presentation is neither a lecture nor a sermon. It’s an essential business skill!” And in Making Successful Presentations, with TC’s help, it’s a skill you will soon possess!

In this DVD, you will discover:

  • How to present your ideas to customers, higher management, business associates, and the general public.
  • Terry Smith’s step-by-step process for making successful presentations -- from initial planning to final delivery.
  • Little-known strategies to keep your audience attentive and put you and your organization in the best possible light.
  • Basic sales psychology—an essential tool for making your presentations more persuasive. So you can change people’s beliefs or attitudes. Or get them buy what you are selling.
  • How to wage war on dull presentations by understanding the factors that cause them -- and master techniques to cure them.
  • How to use questions, eye contact, and other audience involvement techniques to gain and hold your attendees’ attention through everything from a 20-minute workplace presentation to a full-day training class.
  • How much preparation should you put into preparing your presentation? The answer may shock you. But the best speakers know it’s worth the effort.
  • A fun and affordable way to actually “pay” your audience to listen closely to what you say. Costs you just peanuts.
  • The most effective ways to organize your talk -- and the “3 T’s” formula that never fails.
  • This may be the most important part of your talk. Hint: it’s not what you say during your presentation.
  • Having more fun and build audience enthusiasm with games, activities, and props.
  • How to prepare for tough questions and even disruptive attendees.
  • Practicing and rehearing your presentation – where, how much, and in front of whom?
  • TC’s little-known method of getting to know your audience in a way most speakers never even bother with – to their detriment and your benefit.

“I’ve always considered my attending Terry Smith’s presentations seminar one of my most valuable experiences, and I’m certain that thousands of other Westinghouse managers and professionals became better presenters through his outstanding teaching skills,” says R. A. Linder, President, Electronic Systems Group, Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

"Not a lot of people are good at public speaking, but Terry C. Smith is one of the best. He made his presentations fun, creative, and enjoyable, without coming off as corny or desperate to please, which actually got his audiences engaged. After starting with one of his ice breakers, he introduced the core concepts and his goals briefly, elaborated on the various points in a bit more detail, drew logical conclusions, and left his audience with a clear takeaway message."
--Dianne Hibbard, Proposal Coordinator, Northrop Grumman

Gordon Rowse, Former Training Supervisor, Westinghouse Defense, adds: “Terry Smith’s ‘Effective Technical Presentations’ was one of the most useful seminars presented at Westinghouse. TC was excellent in making sure that every participant had a chance to practice the principles taught in a training environment.”

But wait. There’s so much more. Because your course materials also include….

“Give a Great Talk: How to Plan, Write, And Deliver Winning Presentations”

Your home study program also includes a copy of my 70-page e-book, Give a Great Talk.

Here’s what you’ll find in its pages:

  • How to know your audience on a deeper level with the BDF formula. Page 4.
  • Overcoming anxiety, nervousness, and stage fright. Page 20.
  • The ultimate secret to successful topic selection. Page 6.
  • Researching your topic and organizing your material. Page 26.
  • Writing a compelling title and description for your talk. Page 9.
  • How to avoid putting your audience into a “PowerPoint coma.” Page 30.
  • The SAP formula for public speaking. Page 11.
  • Your voice: tips on pace, tone, volume, and projection. Page 31.
  • How—and why—to narrow your topic. Page 12.
  • Preventing computer glitches and other technical mishaps from ruining your talk. Page 36.
  • Understanding and addressing the audience’s “hot buttons.” Page 17.
  • Closings that get you enthusiastic applause and a standing ovation virtually every time. Page 38.
  • Gain confidence and add great content to your talk. Page 18.
  • Preparing and distributing handouts for your talk. Page 45.
  • How to make sure you cover everything your audience wants to know. Page 57.
  • Researching the venue and the event before accepting the speaking engagement. Page 14.
  • Special tips for speaking to hostile audience … disinterested attendees … laypeople … experts … and mixed audiences of all 4 attendee types. Starts on page 51.
  • 3 types of presentations and how to prepare each: standard, customized, and personalized. Page 45.
  • The ultimate secret for speaking success. Page 21.
  • What you absolutely must know about a group before you give your presentation to them—and one easy way to find out. Page 43.
  • Poor speaking habits and how to overcome them. Page 33.
  • The important of correct posture and position on stage when speaking to a group. Page 34.
  • Writing your presentation for the ear, not for the eye. Page 25.
  • Handling hecklers and other disruptive influences. Page 47.
  • Ideal length and timing for all the different types of talks. Page 36.
  • Spice up the presentation with props and gimmicks. Page 32.
  • Get attendees on your side through proactive audience interaction. Page 27.
  • And so much more….

Here’s what readers of the earlier edition have said about this book….

“I have been in front of audiences for close to thirty years, either as a stand-up -comic or motivational speaker for corporations. I thought I knew it all... that is, until I read Bly's book. Concise with real techniques (that were even new to me) now any business speaker has a powerful guide to call on that will enable them to captivate any business meeting audience.”
--Peter Fogel, Member, National Speakers Association

“I've been involved with thousands of presentations - and found useful advice in this book. Whether you're looking for tips on planning, writing or delivering your next presentation, Bob's action-oriented style delivers. Throughout this easy-to-read book, you'll find specific examples of how to make your next presentation your best. Bottom line - I have not read a better book on this topic.”
--Michael Brown

“Bob Bly admits he's a shy person. Yet attendees name him the best presenter at American Writers' and Artist's copywriters' Bootcamp year after year. In this volume, Bly has laid out for us why that is. From the nuts and bolts of presentation length, to tricks for engaging your audience, you'll find it all here. This is simply an excellent - and eminently readable - course on how to make effective presentations. One of Bly's best books to date.”
--M.G. Smith

How being a great speaker can make you more successful in your career and your business.

The third component of our presentations skills home study course is an audio CD Build Your Reputation Through Speaking and Writing.

You’ll learn how to use your newfound confidence and improved ability as a speaker to become a recognized expert in your field, niche, or industry.

Speaking and writing on your topic gives you greater visibility than you colleagues, coworkers, and competitors. It also position you as the “go-to” guru.

Now that you can dazzle any audience with your talks, attendees will swarm you in droves after your presentation – and many will end up hiring you to speak, consult, or provide other services.

Plus, the CD covers additional ways to make your star rise including: publishing articles … having your own e-newsletter … writing a book … and many more.

Act now and save $58!
(But see my PS for an even better deal)

To sum up: When you order my Making Successful Presentations multimedia home study course today, here’s what you get:

  • 1-hour DVD featuring Terry C. Smith on the “10 Commandments of Making Successful Presentations.” Value: $49.
  • 70-page e-book “Give a Great Talk.” Value: $29.
  • 1-hour audio CD “Build Your Reputation by Speaking and Writing.” Value: $29.

Combined, these three elements have a retail value of $107.

And since TC is still in demand to teach presentation skills to corporate clients and associations for fees of thousands of dollars a day, that’s the bargain of the century.

But when you order our Making Successful Presentations course today, you won’t pay $1,000 … $100 … or even $50 to get this exclusive training, which is not available anywhere else on the planet.

That’s because for a limited time only, Making Successful Presentations is yours for only $49.

That’s less than I charge for just 15 minutes of my time -- and a 54% discount off the retail price. You save $58!

And that’s your investment in my presentation skills training only if you absolutely love the course. If not, the cost is zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Thanks to our….

…Unconditional money-back guarantee!

That’s right. If, after reviewing Making Successful Presentations, you don’t agree that it has made you a more confident, polished, and effective presenter….

Or you are not 100% satisfied for any other reason … or for no reason at all …

Just return the DVD and audio CD within 90 days. We’ll refund your $49 payment in full. No questions asked. And you can still keep the Give a Great Talk e-book absolutely free – my gift to you. That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for? You can’t lose!

To order Making Successful Presentations on a 90-day risk-free trial basis, click below now:

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P.S. Quick-Response Bonus! Order Making Successful Presentations today and you get a FREE 56-page Bonus Report, The Psychology of Selling and Marketing (list price: $29).

If you give presentations not just to teach or educate, but to persuade or sell, you’ll find this Bonus Report invaluable. In it, you will discover:

  • Selling the “non-obvious benefit.” – page 28.
  • Using statistics to prove your points. Page 35.
  • Persuasion secrets from Harry Potter. Page 14.
  • Selling must-have vs. nice-to-have products and services. Page 5.
  • The most important part of marketing almost anything. Page 44.
  • The psychology of pricing. Page 31.
  • And more.

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